PNAS is known for its wealth of interesting, vibrant research articles and plays a key role in the development of science and scientific discussion. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to dive deep into the research papers we publish.

As a result, we launched an expanded front section of PNAS in 2013. It aims at a more general level of discussion, tackling the stories of science in interesting ways. Supplementing the existing series of Profiles and QnAs, we added six sections to the journal, all of which are freely available.

The six sections are:

News Features: An in-depth look at topical or trending issues in science. [RSS Feed]

Opinions: Leading scientists express opinions about issues facing science and scientists. [RSS Feed]

Core Concepts: Introduces topics that have become central to someone else’s field of science. The term may be familiar, but not the concepts that have become important to a particular field of science. [RSS Feed]

Science and Culture: Science informs and intersects with many aspects of culture. We bring intriguing examples to your attention. [RSS Feed]

Inner Workings: An over-the-shoulder look at the practice of scientists whether through their field work, their subjects, or the material they create during the process of conducting research. [RSS Feed]

Journal Club Blog: Short news pieces highlighting recent journal papers recommended by Academy members.

We encourage you to comment on any of these articles online and all viewpoints will be published as long as they are on topic, scientific, and not offensive. We hope that you find the Front Matter section of PNAS as enlightening as the journal's traditional offerings.

Read more about the front section in an editorial.