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Participants want to map out the paths of space rocks by determining precise orbits, and gleaning which asteroids or near-earth region of space the rocks emanate from. Image courtesy of NASA/JPL.

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Core Concept: Phytoremediation advances in the lab but lags in the field

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

July 18, 2017 114 (29)

Researchers are trying to capitalize on plants that have the potential to safely clean up dangerously contaminated soil. Hemp crochet by Marla Peterson. Image courtesy of Michael Blaylock (Edenspace Systems Corporation, Purcellville, VA).

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News Feature: Special agents offer modeling upgrade

M. Mitchell Waldrop, Science Writer

July 11, 2017 114 (28)

After playing a key role in the fight against Ebola, agent-based models are poised to help decision-makers tackle other disease outbreaks, economic turbulence, and more. Image courtesy of The Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA).



Interview with 2016 Cozzarelli Prize Winner Russell Graham
Russell Graham describes the extinction of woolly mammoths from St. Paul island. Image courtesy of Mark Finkenstaedt.