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News Feature: The quest to solve sepsis

Carrie Arnold, Science Writer

April 17, 2018 115 (16)

Researchers are learning more about the baffling, deadly condition. Treatments are elusive, but one thing’s for certain: timing is everything. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Chaikom.

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Recent flooding events highlight why flood-risk governance in the United States needs a major overhaul. They also suggest why the necessary refocus on shared responsibility will not be easy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/michelmond.

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Science and Culture: Wearable tech meets tattoo art in a bid to revolutionize both

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

April 3, 2018 115 (14)

The tattoos now in development carry real practical and medical import. But researchers agree that to gain widespread use the tattoos must also visually impress. Image courtesy of Jimmy Day/MIT Media Lab.