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Science and Culture: Researchers find history in the diagrams of Euclid’s Elements

Stephen Ornes, Science Writer

November 21, 2017 114 (47)

The drawings may seem like little more than quirks of history, but some researchers see hints at how math has evolved over millennia. Image courtesy of Bill Casselman (University of British Columbia, Vancouver).

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But building them often requires counter intuitive approaches to physics and material design, and researchers have only recently made proof-of-concept advances that could lead to useful devices. Reproduced with permission from ref. 12.

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Inner Workings: Special relationship between fungi and plants may have spurred changes to ancient climate

Amber Dance, Science Writer

November 14, 2017 114 (46)

Uncovering how the partnership arose and why it persists could help elucidate atmospheric trends, past and future. Image courtesy of Jeff Duckett and Silvia Pressel (Natural History Museum, London, UK).