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Science and Culture: Searching for the science behind art therapy

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

January 15, 2019 116 (3)

Art therapy often appears to work. But why might creating abstract art from papier-mâché and pastel help access, explicate, and even soothe the pain of a traumatic experience or condition? Image credit: the National Intrepid Center of Excellence.

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Inner Workings: How bacteria could help recycle electronic waste

Roberta Kwok, Science Writer

January 15, 2019 116 (3)

Bacteria could help tackle the growing mountains of e-waste that plague the planet. Although researchers are a long way from optimizing the approach, some are already confident enough to pursue commercial ventures. Image credit: Shutterstock/aquatarkus.

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Opinion: How can we boost the impact of publications? Try better writing

Benjamin Freeling, Zoë A. Doubleday, and Sean D. Connell

January 8, 2019 116 (2)

An analysis of journal articles, focusing on 11 writing-style components, suggests that good writing can noticeably enhance article impact. Image courtesy of Tullio Rossi (artist).