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Opinion: How to tackle the childcare–conference conundrum

Rebecca M. Calisi and a Working Group of Mothers in Science

March 5, 2018 117 (12)

Primary caretakers of children face inequitable hurdles to fully attending and participating in conference activities because of responsibilities related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and caretaking. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler (artist).

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Core Concept: Mechanical metamaterials bend the rules of everyday physics

Devin Powell

March 13, 2018 115 (11)

An emerging field employs simple geometrical architectures to create exotic materials with desirable properties. Reprinted with permission by Springer Nature: Nature copyright (2016).

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As humans plan for more ambitious missions to probe potentially life-bearing worlds, understanding what microbes can hitch a ride on those spacecraft, and how they might do so, will be paramount. Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.



Science and Philanthropy
Robert Tjian discusses the role of philanthropy in funding scientific research. Image courtesy of Robert Tjian.


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