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As part of a Coalition of Archaeological Synthesis, the archaeology community should routinely bring together and interpret disparate datasets.

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Inner Workings: CubeSats set to tackle living systems, effects of deep space radiation

Stephen Battersby, Science Writer

October 10, 2017 114 (41)

Already deployed for a variety of tasks, these miniature satellites are now taking on a new, potentially vital mission. Image courtesy of NASA.

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Science and Culture: Vegetable breeders turn to chefs for flavor boost

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

October 3, 2017 114 (40)

Breeder–chef partnerships vary in approach, but all are centered on the basic idea that when breeders and chefs collaborate they can revolutionize the quality of produce. Image courtesy of Gerhard Fischer (University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI).



Interview with 2016 Cozzarelli Prize Winner Jonathan Sears
Jonathan Sears describes potential treatment strategies for retinopathy of prematurity. Image courtesy of Mark Finkenstaedt.


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