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Demand in the US for local, fresh, and sustainably produced seafood is growing, and local supply can’t meet demand. It’s a lost opportunity for sustainability and economic growth. Aquaculture represents the only realistic option for expanding domestic production. Image courtesy of Rick Decker (photographer).

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News Feature: The carbon detectives

Stephen Battersby, Science Writer

July 3, 2018 115 (27)

Even if countries agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, researchers face the monumental task of precisely monitoring the amounts of gases that are being emitted, and where. New tech will help, but the complications are many. Image courtesy of NASA/Lockheed Martin/University of Oklahoma.​

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Science and Culture: Math tools send legislators back to the drawing board

Stephen Ornes, Science Writer

June 26, 2018 115 (26)

The mathematical tools behind recent gerrymandering cases have brought a modicum of precision into the political arena—but this rigor hasn’t always been enough to spur policy changes. Image courtesy of Jonathan Mattingly (Duke University, Durham, NC).



RNA origin in warm little ponds
Ralph Pudritz and Ben Pearce describe a model of how RNA-based life could have originated on the early Earth.


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