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Inner Workings: Combating antibiotic resistance from the ground up

Elie Dolgin, Science Writer

October 18, 2016 113 (42)

Researchers are attempting to use adjuvants to enhance the potency of existing antimicrobials. Image courtesy of Andrew King.

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News Feature: To master memory, researchers pursue its roots

Helen H. Shen, Science Writer

October 11, 2016 113 (41)

Novel approaches have reinvigorated the search for the elusive memory engram—and energized attempts to control it. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler.

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Science and Culture: Petri palettes create microbial masterpieces

Jyoti Madhusoodanan, Science Writer

October 4, 2016 113 (40)

Artist-researcher collaborations are creating living works of art to explore new aesthetics and debunk microbe myths. Artwork by Md Zohorul Islam (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen). Image courtesy of American Society for Microbiology.



Honeybees and biofuel crops
Clint Otto discusses the impact of land-use changes on beekeepers in the Dakotas. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Louise Docker.