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Opinion: Science in the age of selfies

Donald Geman and Stuart Geman

August 23, 2016 113 (34)

Academia has become a small-idea factory where scientists are rewarded for publishing more frequently. The result? They’re spending too much time announcing ideas and not enough time formulating them. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler.

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Core Concept: Extracellular vesicles garner interest from academia and biotech

Karen Hopkin, Science Writer

August 16, 2016 113 (33)

These membrane-enclosed spheres are crucial transport vehicles that can influence the behavior and even the identity of cells. Image reproduced with permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd.: Nature Cell Biology, copyright (2008).

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Science and Culture: Modern “cathedral” offers artistic inspiration

David J. Harris, Science Writer

August 9, 2016 113 (32)

Grandeur is typically associated with feats of architecture, not scientific experiments. But one artist sees beauty in the curves of the LHC. Image courtesy of Jonathan Feldschuh (artist).



Remodelling brain function
Kavli Prize winner Eve Marder discusses flexibility and stability in neural circuits. Image courtesy of eLife Sciences Publications.

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