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News Feature: Targeting metastasis to halt cancer’s spread

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

December 11, 2018 115 (50)

Studies reveal the mechanisms behind tumor metastasis and how to stymie it. But primary tumors still get the lion’s share of researchers’ attention. Image courtesy of Science Source/Phanie.

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Opinion: Flood-risk reduction: Structural measures and diverse strategies

Z. W. Kundzewicz, D. L. T. Hegger, P. Matczak, and P. P. J. Driessen

December 4, 2018 115 (49)

Both social and engineering factors must be further explored and scrutinized across the globe—as should notions of justice related to flooding impacts and responses. Image courtesy of Pokrovsky.

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Inner Workings: Mapping the microbiome location helps elucidate its role

Marcus Woo, Science Writer

November 27, 2018 115 (48)

Precisely mapping the body’s microbiome is enabling researchers to ask and answer new questions about how microbes interact and work together, findings that could have implications for human health.



Mapping the galactic plane in X-rays
Chryssa Kouveliotou describes her efforts to compile a detailed X-ray map of the galactic plane.

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