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Inner Workings: SMART collars help track and conserve wildlife

Leslie Willoughby, Science Writer

March 28, 2017 114 (13)

An advanced collar for studying animal behavior records an expanded suite of data compared with GPS collars, providing a potentially important conservation tool. Image courtesy of Sebastian Kennerknecht (

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Core Concept: Unraveling the enigma of fast radio bursts

Adam Mann, Science Writer

March 28, 2017 114 (13)

Researchers may be starting to understand these mysterious flashes emanating from distant corners of the universe. Image courtesy of English Wikipedia/Geremia.

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Opinion: Why we need a centralized repository for isotopic data

Jonathan N. Pauli, et al.

March 21, 2017 114 (12)

A centralized database would accelerate and enhance a multitude of research endeavors, thus broadening the reach of isotope science. Here’s a vision for the repository’s identity, structure, and long-term sustainability. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Roman Sigaev.



Self-driving cars
Jeff Schneider explains how self-driving cars use machine learning to learn the rules of the road. Image courtesy of Flickr/Foo Conner.

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