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Its careful implementation could revolutionize our understanding of how to manage the risks of climate change. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Athi Aachawaradt.

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Inner Workings: Can single molecules bind together entire ecosystems?

Jyoti Madhusoodanan, Science Writer

September 20, 2016 113 (38)

Some researchers contend that there exist “keystone molecules” which, much like keystone species, play an integral role throughout multiple facets an ecosystem. Image courtesy of Kevin Lee (photographer).

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This relative newcomer to the field of condensed matter physics manipulates electricity unlike anything else known in the lab or nature. Image courtesy of Flickr/Peter Allen.



Interview with 2016 Kavli Prize Winners Kip Thorne and Rai Weiss
Kip Thorne and Rai Weiss describe the detection of gravitational waves with LIGO. Image courtesy of Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab.

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