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How humankind can circumvent the tragedy of the commons, the addictive power of video games, cleaning up the hygiene hypothesis, mastering the means to circumvent the blood-brain barrier, the case for an international agreement on plastic pollution, photographers capture the melting Arctic, and much more.

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Inner Workings: How the butterfly got its spots (and why it matters)

Viviane Callier, Science Writer

February 13, 2017 115 (7)

The ways in which these ecologically important patterns develop and evolve has puzzled researchers for decades. Image courtesy of Jeffrey Marcus (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada).

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Opinion: Valuation, liquidity price, and stability of cryptocurrencies

Carey Caginalp and Gunduz Caginalp

February 6, 2018 115 (6)

Recent market volatility aside, mathematical modeling and economics experiments suggest that cryptocurrencies are likely to remain unstable. In general, these instruments are likely to transfer wealth from late-comers to early entrants and nimble traders. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/PixieMe.

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Science and Culture: Cancer researcher looks to artists for inspiration

Esther Landhuis, Science Writer

January 30, 2018 115 (5)

Efforts include an online network of artists and scientists meant to help find creative ways to tackle the complex problem of cancer. Image courtesy of Caroline Shaw Ometz.



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Atul Butte explains how researchers can use existing data to answer biomedical questions.


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