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Inner Workings: Building accelerator afterburners with plasma

David J. Harris, Science Writer

February 2, 2016 113 (5)

Huge planned particle accelerators are pushing the limits of economic and political feasibility. An experimental approach could serve as an energy booster of sorts for a linear collider, allowing for much higher energies in the same distance. Image courtesy of Weiming An (University of California, Los Angeles, CA).

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Core Concept: Rewilding

John Carey, Science Writer

January 26, 2015 113 (4)

How and why a controversial movement to reintroduce extant species and revive extinct ones has gained steam in Europe and North America. Image courtesy of Staffan Widstrand (Wild Wonders of Europe).

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Core Concept: Computational social science

Adam Mann, Science Writer

January 19, 2016 113 (3)

This growing field uses powerful computer simulations of networks, data from cell phones and online social networks, and massive online experiments to investigate difficult-to-track trends and behaviors. Image courtesy of Alex Pentland (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA).