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News Feature: Radiation redux

Elie Dolgin, Science Writer

June 20, 2017 114 (25)

Could traditional radiation treatments work in concert with immunotherapy to mount a more effective assault on cancer? Image courtesy of Shutterstock/John Panella.

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Opinion: Smart farming is key to developing sustainable agriculture

Achim Walter, Robert Finger, Robert Huber, and Nina Buchmann

June 13, 2017 114 (24)

But it will require a consideration of new technologies, crop and livestock systems, along with the appropriate markets and policies. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Kleir.

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Inner Workings: Listening in on the deep sea

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

June 6, 2017 114 (23)

As part of the growing practice of passive acoustic monitoring, marine scientists are using underwater sound recording devices to hear the animals they often can’t see—and advance conservation in the process. Image courtesy of Flickr/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.



Interview with 2016 Cozzarelli Prize Winners Fernando Colchero, Roland Rau, and Susan Alberts
Fernando Colchero, Roland Rau, and Susan Alberts describe the relationship between lifespan equality and average lifespan. Image courtesy of Mark Finkenstaedt.

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