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Inner Workings: Newborn stars don’t have enough dust to build planets. What are the missing ingredients?

Nola Taylor Redd, Science Writer

April 16, 2019 116 (16)

In the last few years, astronomers have started to get glimpses into the planet nurseries formed from newborn stars, revealing important clues as to exactly how planets form. Image credit: Shutterstock/Neo Edmund.

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Science and Culture: Can climate change games boost public understanding?

Roberta Kwok, Science Writer

April 16, 2019 116 (16)

Early studies suggest that games can help participants grasp complex concepts, elicit emotional responses, and increase motivation to act. Image credit: Keep Cool GbR.

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Opinion: Research community needs to better appreciate the value of sex-based research

Nicole C. Woitowich and Teresa K. Woodruff

April 9, 2019 116 (15)

Many of those helping to administer of federal funding do not recognize the importance of sex-based research, sentiments that likely extend to the broader research community. Image credit: David Cutler (artist).