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Opinion: Reproducibility failures are essential to scientific inquiry

A. David Redish, Erich Kummerfeld, Rebecca Lea Morris, and Alan C. Love

May 15, 2018 115 (20)

The decades-long process of metabolizing reproducibility failures through theoretical integration facilitates reliable results across the sciences. It’s these results that have provided remarkable life-changing medical and engineering consequences. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler (artist).

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News Feature: Accidental urban oases

Roberta Kwok, Science Writer

May 8, 2018 115 (19)

As some cities struggle with population declines, vacant lots are proliferating. Where residents often see blight, researchers see the potential for ecological oases. Can these derelict spaces contribute to conservation? Image courtesy of Christine Brodsky.

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Insights into how animals think not only fascinate students, but could also potentially help them form a stronger connection with animals that appear to have cognitive capacities once reserved for humans. Image courtesy of Amalia Bastos (University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand).