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Inner Workings: Will hagfish yield the fibers of the future?

Amber Dance, Science Writer

June 28, 2016 113 (26)

Researchers are looking to capitalize on the extraordinary slime that the proto-fish secretes, which consists of remarkably strong threads. Image courtesy of Andra Zommers and Douglas Fudge.

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Some researchers, taking into account cancer’s heterogeneity, believe basket trials will help them better identify the populations most likely to benefit from a given drug. Image courtesy of Jane Ades (National Human Genome Research Institute, Bethesda).

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News Feature: Tracking the West’s biggest storms

Danielle Venton, Science Writer

June 21, 2016 113 (25)

Researchers embark on an ambitious project to unravel how precipitation comes to drought-stricken California.



Interview with 2015 Cozzarelli Prize Winners Glaucio Paulino and Evgueni Filipov
Glaucio Paulino and Evgueni Filipov describe an origami-inspired approach to designing deployable structures and metamaterials. Image courtesy of Mark Finkenstaedt.