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Science and Culture: The value of a good science hack

Stephen Ornes, Science Writer

July 19, 2016 113 (29)

As part of Science Hack Day, scientists, artists, programmers,and others gather for 24 hours to make myriad creations, no matter how silly, serious, or strange. Image courtesy of Flickr/Matt Biddulph.

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Core Concept: Tectonic tremors could offer insights into the big shakers

Danielle Venton, Science Writer

July 19, 2016 113 (29)

Researchers have found that deep in the earth, the ground trembles weakly in slow, stuttering, episodic earthquakes lasting for minutes, hours, or even weeks. Image courtesy of © Kimimasa Mayama/Reuters Pictures.

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News Feature: Crucial role of belowground biodiversity

John Carey, Science Writer

July 12, 2016 113 (28)

Once a “black box,” soil’s biology has come under increasing scrutiny from researchers. Their findings are both illuminating and potentially alarming. Image courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.



Modeling disease spread
Andrea Rinaldo explains how cell phone data can be used to model disease spread. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/tinofrey.

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