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Science and Culture: High-tech tries to reveal artistic motivations

Amber Dance, Science Writer

May 24, 2016 113 (21)

Science cannot confirm an artist’s intentions, but it can give art aficionados and historians plenty of novel insights to ponder. Image courtesy of © The Art Institute of Chicago.

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Inner Workings: Ancient teeth reveal clues about microbiome evolution

Jyoti Madhusoodanan, Science Writer

May 24, 2016 113 (21)

Samples of dental plaque elucidate how microbial inhabitants have affected peoples and lifestyles across space and time. Image courtesy of Christina Warinner (University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK).

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News Feature: Better models for brain disease

Helen H. Shen, Science Writer

May 17, 2016 113 (20)

Traditional animal models have had limited success mimicking mental illnesses. Emerging technologies offer the potential for a major model upgrade. Image courtesy of Madeline A. Lancaster and Juergen A. Knoblich. Reproduced with permission from Macmillan Publishers: Nature, copyright (2013).



Nanoparticles for disease detection
Sangeeta Bhatia describes the development of nanoparticles that can aid in detecting cancer and other diseases. Image courtesy of Wellcome Images/Annie Cavanagh.

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