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How humankind can circumvent the tragedy of the commons, the addictive power of video games, cleaning up the hygiene hypothesis, mastering the means to circumvent the blood-brain barrier, the case for an international agreement on plastic pollution, photographers capture the melting Arctic, and much more.

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Opinion: Measuring how countries adapt to societal aging

Dana P. Goldman, Cynthia Chen, Julie Zissimopoulos, John W. Rowe, the Research Network on an Aging Society

January 16, 2017 115 (3)

The elderly in the US are engaged and active but experiencing high levels of insecurity. Policy measures can help improve America’s and other countries’ age-readiness. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Barabasa.

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Inner Workings: Fishing for artifacts beneath the waves

Traci Watson, Science Writer

January 9, 2018 115 (2)

Conducting archaeological research underwater may be essential to grasping the early history of Homo sapiens. But the logistical and scientific challenges are many. Image courtesy of Maritime Archaeology Trust; photograph by Roland Brookes.

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News Feature: Can microbes keep time for forensic investigators?

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

January 2, 2018 115 (1)

Forensic scientists are building a “clock” from the bacteria and other microscopic scavengers that make up the postmortem microbiome. But how reliably will it tick? Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Lipowski Milan.