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News Feature: What’s the best way to build a molecular machine?

Stephen Ornes, Science Writer

September 18, 2018 115 (38)

Chemists are tinkering with a variety of different designs and means of propulsion, though practical uses for these mini-motors have yet to be realized. Illustration courtesy of Jo Richers (artist) and David Leigh (University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom).

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Science and Culture: Raw data videos offer a glimpse into laboratory research

Roberta Kwok, Science Writer

September 11, 2018 115 (37)

The videos, shown with minimal information and often without sound or music, are meant to provide a sort of scientific cinéma vérité. Image courtesy of Nipam Patel (University of California, Berkeley, CA).

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Researchers are using eDNA to track invasive species that they’d like to remove and vulnerable species they’d like to protect. But challenges remain before eDNA can become a widely used conservation biology tool. Image courtesy of USGS/Gaia Meigs-Friend.



Deep subseafloor microbial life
Victoria Orphan and Elizabeth Trembath-Reichert discuss microbial life in the deep subseafloor.


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