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Opinion: Gender diversity leads to better science

Mathias Wullum Nielsen, et al.

February 21, 2017 114 (8)

There’s ample data to suggest that gender diverse teams yield a substantial research and productivity dividend. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler (artist).

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News Feature: Cleaning up the hygiene hypothesis

Megan Scudellari, Science Writer

February 14, 2017 114 (7)

The rise of allergy and autoimmune diseases is due to much more than rampant cleanliness. Is it time to throw out the hygiene hypothesis? Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Purino.

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Inner Workings: Diamond anvils probe the origins of Earth’s magnetic field

Charles Q. Choi, Science Writer

February 7, 2017 114 (6)

The anvils simulate the extreme pressures of the planet’s interior to explore a crucial condition for the appearance of life. But experiments are raising more questions than answers. Image courtesy of Sergey Lobanov (Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, DC).



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Steven Weinberg describes his experiences writing about science for a general audience. Image courtesy of Matt Valentine.

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