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Inner Workings: Microscopy lights up stem cells in action

Carolyn Beans, Science Writer

June 12, 2018 115 (24)

In the midst of a microscopy boom, stem cell researchers are coming up with inventive techniques for capturing live images of these enigmatic cells in their native habitats. Image courtesy of Panteleimon Rompolas (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia).

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News Feature: Life after the asteroid apocalypse

Adam Mann, Science Writer

June 6, 2018 115 (23)

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid wiped out a huge swath of life on planet Earth. But could this and similar impacts have helped kick-start life itself? Image courtesy of Detlev van Ravenswaay/ScienceSource.

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Core Concept: “Twisted” light beams promise an optical revolution

Adam Mann, Science Writer

May 29, 2018 115 (22)

Twisted light is being used to build optical tweezers and ultra-powerful microscopes, and it could eventually be used in microscale machinery and for novel spectroscopic analyses. But optical communications is likely to be its most important application. Image courtesy of Mario Krenn (University of Vienna, Vienna).