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News Feature: How online studies are transforming psychology research

Amber Dance, Science Writer

November 24, 2015 112 (47)

The samples are large and diverse, but will this trend strengthen the field or merely introduce new sources of error? Image courtesy of Dave Cutler.

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Inner Workings: Climate change frees ancient artifacts

Amber Dance, Science Writer

November 17, 2015 112 (46)

As the climate warms, the ice melts, and artifacts trickle out. Archaeologists who manage to be in the right place at the right time are benefiting from a veritable treasure trove of items. Image courtesy of the Government of Yukon.

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Core Concept: Resting-state connectivity

Helen H. Shen, Science Writer

November 17, 2015 112 (46)

An increasingly popular brain scan approach promises to help researchers study the functional organization of both the healthy and abnormal brain—particularly in those who cannot complete challenging cognitive tasks. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/DAbeygoda.



Interview with 2014 Cozzarelli Prize Winner Anthony Vecchiarelli
Anthony Vecchiarelli explains a system of genetic cargo movement within cells that has roots in the work of Alan Turing.