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Inner Workings: Safer opioids may be on the horizon, but mitigating addiction is a long shot

Jyoti Madhusoodanan, Science Writer

August 14, 2018 115 (33)

Academic researchers and startups seeded in academic laboratories, as well as large pharmaceutical companies, are testing a range of molecules that target opioid receptors yet lack the slew of side effects. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Tomas Nevesely.

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Such analyses are exceedingly tricky, and not all experts agree on the best approach. But in recent years, this growing subfield has produced results that are increasingly compelling—and increasingly concerning. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/lavizzara.

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Opinion: Risk to study nonparticipants: A procedural approach

Nir Eyal, Marc Lipsitch, Till Bärnighausen, and Dan Wikler

August 7, 2018 115 (32)

We need a comprehensive and consistent account of whether and when risks to nonparticipants make research activities illegitimate and which regulatory responses are appropriate. Image courtesy of Dave Cutler (artist).