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Identifying flawed algorithms can help anticipate and improve quality, hence avoiding failures that lead to disaster. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/joloei.

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Science and Culture: Crafting prostheses with form, function, and flair

Esther Landhuis, Science Writer

November 22, 2016 113 (47)

Engineers enlist artists and designers to build better artificial limbs. Image courtesy of Lucas Rex, David Kaltenbach, and Maximilian Mahal.

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Core Concept: Can bioenergy with carbon capture and storage make an impact?

Danielle Venton, Science Writer

November 22, 2016 113 (47)

Some argue that BECCS should play a key role in the fight against climate change. Image courtesy of Shutterstock/hjochen.



Future of infectious disease research
Charles Rice and Robert Landford discuss the future of hepatitis C research without chimpanzees. Image courtesy of Southwest National Primate Research Center.